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GR166 : Narra Park Residences, Tigatto, Buhangin, Davao City

GR166 : Narra Park Residences, Tigatto, Buhangin, Davao City

Narra Park Residences

Narra Park Residences is Nurtura Land and Home's inaugural project. An exceptional residential community that is expertly constructed, high-quality, affordable and inspired by captivating modern Asian design.

Narra Park Residences Lots For Sale

Vacant Lots

Narra Park Residences Bungalow House Model

House Type : BUNGALOW House Model
Lot Area : 100 sqm.
Floor Area : 45.31
Bedroom : 2
Toilet & Bath : 2

Pricing : Php 3,551,262 (Bank and PAG-IBI Financing Accepted)
Reservation : Php 20,000.00

Narra Park Residences Bungalow House Model

House Type : TWO STOREY House Model
Lot Area : 100 sqm. to 120 sqm.
Floor Area : 64.80 sqm.
Bedroom : 3
Toilet & Bath : 3

Pricing : 4,459,108 (Bank and PAG-IBIG Financing Accepted payable upto 30 years)
Reservation : Php 20,000.00


Who is Narra Park?
* Narra Park Residences is the inaugural project of Nurtura Land & Home, Alsons Dev's new brand for the affordable housing project.

What are the products of Narra Park Residences?
* House & Lot
* Open Lot.

When will the house be turned over to me?
* House units will be turned-over to the buyer upon:
* Completion of the house unit per committed schedule;
* Full payment of the Total Contract Price and other related fees;
* Full payment of the equity and receipt of loan proceeds in case of Pag-ibig or Bank financing.

Do I have options to change the interior finishes such as tiles, paint?
* Yes. Changing interior finishes is allowed once the unit has been turned-over to the buyer. Changes during the construction stage will not be accommodated.

Can I change the floor plan layout?
* Bungalow floor lay-out can be changed provided the owner conforms with the setback requirement stipulated in Narra Park Residences' Deed of Restrictions (DOR).
* Two-storey
- Ground floor lay-out CANNOT be changed because its walls and partitions are structural in nature.
- Second floor partitions can be altered provided the unit owner's structural engineer has approved such alteration.

Will there be grilles and screens for the doors and windows?
* None. Grilles and screens may be installed by the buyer upon turnover of the unit.

Can I alter the exterior design of my unit?
* Alteration of the exterior design shall be subject to the rules and regulations of Narra Park Deed of Restrictions.

Is H&L plus Open Lot package available in Narra Park?
* Yes. H&L plus additional open lot is offered in designated areas.

Can I build a structure on my adjacent open lot?
* Yes, provided the building shall conform to the Narra Park Deed of Restrictions.

How will Narra Park Residences enhance its value?
* In keeping the general order of the subdivision, NPR will have "Deed of Restriction" (DOR), a set of rules more for keeping the harmony, peace & order and security of the subdivision.
* An Homeowner's association will also be organized.

Is the subdivision flood free?
* Yes, the original lot owners did not experience any flood before.
* They are still occupying their house located behind the NPR.
* To prevent river scouring, DPWH constructed a gabion wall on the river side.

Main Entrance
Narra Park Residences Main Entrance

Cabana & Swimming Pool
Narra Park Residences Cabana & Swimming Pool
Narra Park Residences Cabana & Swimming Pool
Narra Park Residences Cabana & Swimming Pool

Multi-Purpose Covered Court (in Phase 2)
Narra Park Residences Multi-Purpose Covered Court

The Parks
Narra Park Residences The Parks

Site Development Plan with Amenities
Narra Park Residences The Parks


Narra Park Residences Location Map


Narra Park Residences Site Development Plan
Click the image below to view Narra Park Residences Site Development Plan


* 18-m RROW Entrance
* 15-m RROW Main Road
* 12-m RROW Secondary Road
* 10-m and 8-m RROW Tertiary Road
* Underground Drainage System
* Sewage Treatment Facility
* Retarding Pond
* Perimeter Fence
* Street lighting
* 24-hours Village Security

* Water Supply - DCWD
* Power - DLPC

* Cabana
* Swimming Pool
* Multi-purpose covered court (Ph. 2)
* Big Parks


1. Roof framing - Steel Truss
2. Ceiling Interior - Acoustic Board
3. Ceiling Exterior - PVC Soffits
4. Roof - Pre-painted long span
5. Insulation - Foil insulation or equivalent

1. Exterior Walls - 100mm Cast-inplace wall, painted
2. Interior Walls - 100mm Cast-inplace wall, painted
3. Service Area - 100mm Cast-inplace wall, 1.5m high, painted

1. Countertop - Granite tiles
2. Faucet - Bar sink faucet or equivalent
3. Cabinets - not included

1. Corner Window - Fixed window with jalousie
2. BR & LR windows - Four pane steel casement window
3. CR windows - Awning window

1. Living/Kitchen - Ceramic Floor Tiles
2. Bedrooms - Ceramic Floor Tiles
3. Toilet - Ceramic Floor Tiles
4. Loft (option) - Vinyl Tiles
5. Balcony (option) - Plain cement, smooth finish

1. Main Door - Steel door
2. Service - Steel door
3. Bedroom Doors - Moulded door
4. Toilet Doors - PVC laminated with louvers
5. Balcony Access - Steel door

Toilet Fixtures
1. Water Closet - lever type water closet or equivalent
2. Lavatory - Wall-hung wash basin or equivalent
3. Shower - Wall mounted telephone shower or equivalent
4. Faucet - Single-hose basin faucet or equivalent

Bedroom Cabinets
- Not included

Carport Provision
- Loose gravel

Price : Php 0   per sqm on lots | Houses starts at Php 2,927,920 (Bank and PAG-IBIG Financing Accepted)


1. Pay Reservation Fee - Php 20,000.00/unit

2. Submission of Buyer's documentary requirements:

Basic Requirements
* Photocopy of any valid government issued I.D.
* Photocopy of TIN verification from BIR
* Proof of Billing address
* Post dated checks for equity amortization

Pag-ibig Housing loan requirements (for HDMF financing)
* Housing loan Application form
* Borrower's Validation Sheet
* Authorization to Conduct/Credit Background Investigation
* Membership Status Verification Slip (MSVS)
* Income Documents

a. Cash Payment
b. 20% Equity payable in 24-months, balance thru Bank or Pag-Ibig Financing.

Location Details
Narra Park Residences Location Map

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